ELMAK was  established in 1994 by our first founder Hüsnü Evren and his friends to develop products and carry out technology-based works in Turkey

In 2010,ELMAK Control Systems aims at intensifying in the sectors They work  for with a new vision  through the changes in management.


Elmak always sticks  to the values below when it comes to the reasons for existence of it on the path It follows:

  • DEVELOPMENT:To contribute to national economy and prosperity
  • PROGRESS: To contribute to the national development.
  • HONESTY: Always honest with stakeholders as to commitments
  • SUSTAINABILITY:To ensure  profitability, efficiency and based on long lasting needs  for  all the projects and objectives to survive  on its own.
  • EQUILIBRIUM: It is based on balance.It involves technical,financial and commercial  balance.



By providing modern,smart,safe and high quality solutions and services in Transportation Sector,in Industrial Plants and in Energy Distribution Systems,We aim at developing power,system safety and competitive capacities of our customers.

We are constantly making progress about the electricity,control hardwares and softwares that are necessary for this field.We continue developing special solutions and products thanks to our research development based  projects.