Our Partnerships



Eles industrial electrical systems, which we grew up in within the same organization, serves in all panel manufacturing of our company. Close to 1000 m2 in the field of manufacturing and assembly works are performed.

Internet Address: http://www.eles.com.tr






Siemens WinCC open Architecture (pvss) SCADA software, which enables us to meet international standards in the transportation sector, is the only authorized distributor in Austria in Turkey

Internet Address: http://www.etm.at/






   We work as Panel partner with ABB on low voltage (AG) panels

   Internet Address: https://new.abb.com/tr





 Istanbul Technopark, which is affiliated to the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry, which is accepted in 2015, is the campus where we carry out R & D activities.  With its innovative and selective structure,   Teknopark Istanbul provides developer support to many technology companies in our country as well as in our R&D activities.
                    Internet Address: https://teknoparkistanbul.com.tr/