SCADA systems of Drinking Water Treatment

Smart control and monitoring  complex plans

Water teratment plants are often unmanned and  remotely controlled from a central control room. The main challenge ,therefore, lies in the maintenance and modernization of PC-based control systems. The virtual control technology ,in particular, offers clear advantages: the entire control system server infrastructure is consolidated in a computer center.

We facilitate your entry into future-oriented technologies with our lifecycle service that provides  everything you need for a virtual solution through  a single source.

We set up systems including many technologies  in order to control water treatment systems in cities in a more useful and effective way.

Due to the increasing water shortages and demand increase in clean drinking water,There is a great need for treatment plants that are more effective.

General Characteristics of the system

  • Detailed Reporting and Analysis Systems, BIG DATA Management / DASHBOARD
  • GIS viewer integrated to SCADA or softwares such as ARCGIS,Data Exchange with real-time GIS  software
  • Demand Forecast Software Provisioning  and integration with SCADA
  • Operations Support Softwares
  • Smart Metering Interface
  • Web Interfaces
  •  Proper communication systems design for pumping stations or plants scattered in geographical areas
  • Proper Equipment Selection and design in line with Distribution Network for the site equipments

Commissioning in a shorter time with the help of integrated plant engineering

Dynamic market requirements,environmental compability and statutory requirements: International competitive pressure in water industry is increasing!

This means that plant construction companies must shorten processing time and reduce project costs. Thanks to  our integrated engineering, we provide  plant designers and operators  with maximum data consitency through an optimized combination of application planning distributed control system ? and device configuration-from planning phase to automation and operation.