The units that we work in chemical  plants are basically powder raw material production,liquid detergent-chemical production and powder detergent-chemical  production.

In addition to those units,Sap integration,reporting and data collection are among our work areas in Chemical plants .We provide  services on a large scale such as adapting work orders to the process,job follow-ups and printing barcodes.

We work mostly with the Siemens infrastructure in these plants.However,There are many additional properties of ours on Scada.

Automatic Formula Software

Production Registry

Locking in goods-transfer operations

The security level, thanks to SEVESO projects which have gained importance in the last years,influences the architecture that we put into practice in automation systems.

Automatic Formula Preparation

The plant authorizes the people considered eligible to prepare the formula.Even while choosing from the available formulas on Scada,The authorized operator enters his/her registration number.

The operator can also be commissioned to change the quantity of the   formula properties that will be prepared in accordance with the demands of the plant.


CIP – Clean In Place

During the CIP process,A large amount of data are actively followed in the projects we work for.It is possible to monitor the type,number,steps and duration of CIP.We can carry out CIP processes for equipments such as mixers and stock tanks automatically or manually.

If the cleaning hasnot thoroughly been completed and the operators starts automatic generation,warning system becomes active and production doesnot commence.if the equipment is still dirty,neither product inflow nor outflow is possible.



We can monitorize  the report of the whole process registered in the database.We ensure that Plants can  use the properties  by taking production print-out.For this,It is sufficient to reach our  product called  RAPORTA on Scada.

RAPORTA developed by ELMAK is a software in which the names of report types  are created and  reporting in a flexible  Microsoft Office Excel format is possible.

Concerning the customer demands,RAPORTA software ,which the customers can obtain besides automation projects, provides great convenience in production monitoring for those processes involving many equipments.