We  provide turnkey  service for our customers on sectoral basis.

In addition to automation services,

-Electrical systems and panel manufacturing

We manufacture panels that we follow their designs and manufacturing at every stage and we support with project management  with the help of eles electrical systems that is our  partner company

Design and Project
MCC projects
PLC projects
ADP and Compensation projects
Illumination projects
Earthing  projects
Escallop and cable projects

Distribution and power panels

  • Electromechanical Systems:
  • Especially highway tunnels and metro projects differ from other sectors in terms of their needs in electromechanical systems

Tunnel electromechanic requires a different kind of speciality because of technically difficult site conditions.

Cable ducting and bus bar systems

Inner,outer and specific illumination systems

Telephone Systems

       Data dispensation systems

Fire detection systems

Mechanical Installation