Mdf- Fibreboard

Mdf- Fibreboard

Medium-Density Fiberboard- Particle Board

Thanks to the experience of ours in Medium-density fiberboard- Particle board sector, ELMAK that has been actively in this sector for nearly 20 years  sets up the best user interface systems which are not only safe and fast but also have advanced functionalities.We build projects which are  both sector specific  and customised for customer habits together with Siemens,CFC,AS/OS Engineering Tool and our own special equipment blocks     

In addition to standard ins and outs of our equipment blocks,There are also special functions used in MDF(emergency stop,fire,speed monitör,machine security etc.)The detailed information and checkings in Faceplates shorten the time to respond to the failure.

The main units we work with are;

Woodyard-mill- silos – Screens – Glue factory – Drier- Laying – press– carborundum  - Hydraulic  units and  Sizing units.

Another important point is that the sofware of all the systems including the process involved in  the raw materials inflow into finished product outflow is developed by teams  we often commission and that know the process well.

Our approach to projects in wood sector is actively customer-oriented.Due to the intolerable downtime process,scheduled maintenance,operatör training and firm demands are highly important.

One of the most important ways  for producers to catch up with quality parameters  in varying competitive conditions is to design /set up a  flexible automation system.

At this point;Customers can buy services such as debugging,recieving flexible,customised and regular reports,reaching  the information through Scada.