As fermentation process includes many different subprocesses,its level of difficulty is considerably high in terms of automation system.

This sector where we have been carrying on a business since foundation has helped us develop special solutions in itself.

Thanks to  CIP process,Fermentors,Molasses preparation,Separators,Filters,Oven,Ferment transfer and Storage units;We can control the whole process.

We plan an automation system architecture that is appropriate for the production capacity in a new foundation for fermentation.

An example for a system architecture:


As you can also see in system architecture ,Production monitoring  software  of  the lines for fermentation that includes many subsprocesses needs numerous additional properties such as SAP integration,details report


Basically ,The line for fermentation are made up of  3 processes:


Fermented milk production line:

Fermented dehydration line

CIP (Clean In Place) System


Molasses used in ferment production are stored in processed molasses tanks to be used for ferment production in fermentors by being prepared in Molasses Preparation Unit and then being sterilized in Sterilization Unit.


The cultural ferment produced in laboratory is transferred to Innoculation of  Fermentor by being reproduced  in Culture Ferment.

In Innoculation of  Fermentor,ferment is reproduced through fermentation process ,and then is transferred to Commercial Fermentors where fermentation process goes on.When the process is completed,the fermented milk which is produced is stored in fermented milk stock tank after being placed in separators and it is transferred from here to Fermented dehydration line.

Thanks to the studies we have carried out about fermentation process ,We can offer alternatives based on the formula to the demands of the line.The ingredients prepared according to formula help to manufacture products having the same quality.

In accordance with this aim, the operator can choose the formulas prepared before and add a new one on the Formula page on Scada screen.After choosing the formula and downloading it to  PLC,The operator can register the other  initial values about fermentation on Home page where all fermentors are included.

Later on,The operator will have the opportunity to get the fermentation process started and follow the other working  fermentors on the same page .

Furthermore,According to the set value registered manually or alternatively relative profiles or relative molasses (for other ingredients),it is possible to change dosing  of flexibly.


This plays an important role  in attaining the quality. During fermentation process,All the process values

are registered into database and  a graphical report is received at the end of the process.

Moreover,The operator can transiently follow the history (3 month-history or optionally less or more)of all the process values on Trend Screen.


The fermented milk stored in tanks is mechanically dehydrated  after being placed in vacuumed rotary filter  in Drying Line.

Here,the amount of fermented milk for vessels,drum speed and blade speed will be parametrically  adjusted via  the operator panel.

To apply osmotic pressure,Proper amount of salt is added to the fermented milk.Then,Through extruder,ferment is dried in ovens having been adjusted for particular time or in an amount based on the formula.After filling is completed,the process of drying the ferment in here by transferring it to the related oven can be monitored not only automatically by the system itself but also manually with respect to oven capacity.