Unlike other typical firms, ELMAK is an organization without a strict hierarchy where individual career developments are restricted to institutional positions and where everyone has clear-cut job descriptions and titles.

ELMAK is a flexible and productive organization that :

·        is project and customer based

·       makes descriptions and processes  related to projects clear on project basis

·       stands on  human resources and development policy based on competence

·        is dynamic and process-driven

·        is grounded on  individual ’s project performance and roles.


For us , Team is the most important of all .Our team is made up of people who

·       have analytical way of thinking

·       are willing to specialize  in their fields

·       are process-driven

·       are patient and perseverant 

·       are calm but determined.


We make a great effort to reflect our team’s culture on our customers at every level.

Our team is made up of nearly  60 personnels including our panel manufacture staff.


You can see our organizational chart year by year below:


In progress..



Mehmet Anıl GERGİN