As a firm that has carried out maximum projects as to this field  in our country, the system architecture in the projects we work for is developing by means of the technology and experience gained by firms.Metro involved in Railway System Technologies that have  been recently used in our country compared to Europe is a project that has the the most comprehensive electromechanical  volume of business .This system that you control electromechanic through energy management has gained importance as to human safety.

The energy and environmental control project for a metro line  made up of approximately 20 stations means setting up a  control  centre which is as wide as to be equal to  6 cement factories  

The projects in metro lines basically involve two separate systems which are station control and energy management system.

You need to set up these two separate systems in an integrated wayby providingconvenience to beusedin central management.

The part that controls energy system is generally called SCADA.The second one is Environmental Control System that controls electromechanic systems.(Enviromental Control System).In SCADA system, metro line is provided with continuous energy,.Thanks to Environmental Control System ,Illumination,air conditioning, Air pumps,Escalators,Lifts,Passenger Transition Systems, Door Signs  and Passenger Information Systems are thorougly checked.   Another important point that we work for under the title of Environmental Control is to register scenarios for fire.


Someimportant properties of the systems that we have built:


  • Continuous Communication Ring Network
  • Common Communication Protocol
  • Time Accuracy
  • IEC standards
  • Flexible integration infrastructure
  • Open System
  • Efficient design in visualization