Tramway projects that have less Electromechanical system density compared to metro lines are preferred more due to less infrastructure costs.

As a team that has built Scada system in all metro lines in cities such as İstanbul,Gaziantep,İzmir,Kocaeli and Eskişehir,We attach great importance to coloring by topology in energy management in SCADA system.

To have a hassle-free integration with sub-systems  in Tramway projects,Choosing field devices compatible with flexible programming isnot sufficient.

We can optimize run-up time in the project  through project management and test procedures.Unclear softwares,ineffective coloring by topology and  architectures having no time accuracy lead to problems for Tramway firms.

As Elmak ,We set up  open systems  that  not only  have IEC infrastructure and can be easily expanded  but also where operators can actively carry out energy management in tramvay projects.

We demand for maintainability in firms, for the field devices that we have chosen,equipments compatible with railway systems in central control software and telemetry protocols to be ensured.