Road Tunnels:

The electromechanical management of tunnel designed in line with the length and slope of the tunnel is carried out by SCADA system.

In Tunnel Control Centre ,The management of the systems below is carried out by SCADA.

Energy Distribution System
Traffic Signalization System
Traffic Signs
GIS Integration
State of Emergency Scenario

Fire Sensing and Extinguishing Systems
Camera and Automatic Occurrence Detection Systems
State of Emergency and Telephone Systems
Emergency Power Systems(Generator)

If you want to establish a firm in international standards,The system of yours should include extra functions apart from main characteristics. Those characteristics can be fulfilled by the operator’s Professional attitude in addition to by the compatible software and hardware infrastructure.

  • Reaching the correct information in case of emergency as soon as possible
  • Activation of Non-user State of Emergency Scenario
  • New messages by the operator in addition to automatic ones for traffic lights
  • Alarm Management
  • That the system can support both telemetry and industrial protocols

 (KNX, IEC ,Modbus, Modbus TCP)

  • Reaching the GIS on SCADA in tunnels in geographically dispersed  places
  • Activation of cameras  in case of emergency on  SCADA
  • Operator‘s Instructions


In Highway Tunnel projects where Site conditions are harsh,montage  and cabling requires special working .

We provide the services below together with the partner companies that we work in this field.

  • Low Voltage Panels
  • Medium Voltage Panels
  • SCADA System
  • Site Installation
  • Cabling