The Electromechanical systems  widely used in Transportation Sector brings many  risk factor together.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) is required  also  in automation systems designed for human safety .

SCADA projects are mostly carried out with SIL 0.However,There are SCADA  projects abroad carried out with SIL  1.

In order to carry out SIL 1 project here,the demands of the relevant project are to be prepared in line with these demands  beginning  from project designing  stage.

There are some differences between the projects in line with SIL Certification

and the  projects carried out by the equipments having  SIL certificate.

Moreover ,We have  managers  in our team that have taken part in Functional Safety Certification  Programme by TÜV.


In railway systems, the projects are supposed to be designed  in line with EN 50122, EN50126, EN 50128EN 50129, EN50159 ve EN 61508 and methodology should follow EN50126.

Reliability and Availablity Level  is to be assigned in specification of the relevant Project.

High System Safety is designed for  the functions regarded as  Safety-Critical .

According to the safety criteria assigned in Project design,We can organize the projec t in line with SIL 1 after  analyzing the Project architecture.

I n addition to these,It is possible to increase  safety in projects with the help of SIL 3 and backup control  center set-up.