We provide solutions for Scada architecture that has decentralized architecture and far-field control points via WinCC Open Architecture.If you want to monitor  the systems that have various subsystems in far fields and different communication types,We can create special architectures for you.

  • Large Industrial Plants
  •  Energy Distribution Networks
  • Large Airports
  •  Gas-Petrol Distribution Lines
  • Far-field Energy Monitoring

The SCADA architecture that we are going to create can support up to 10.000.000 tags

We can communicate natively with XML, ModBus, BACNet, SNMP, TCP, IEC Telemetry Protocols, Industrial Protocols  and design web-based interfaces.Moreover,In this system,We can design mobile client applications  (IOS and Android)that are special for you..

We can set up  Disaster Recovery Center and Redundant Server in 4 forms in line with safety level of the system that you will control in the centre,