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The collection of the glass plates on the line at the required target address and procedure of packaging is done by the collection station. The collection station unit consists of the stacking machine (robot or stacker) to perform the collection procedure and line control system integration software. Positioning of the plate on the line, communication of package information with the collection unit, control of the collector machine, counting of packages are functions of this unit. 
    Basic Specifications
  Frame Control
The frame and controls designed to ensure continuation of plates in the back on the line during collection.
The procedure of the plate to the proper X, Y position for collection mechanism.
  Manual control
- It is possible to realize all kinds of automatic functions manually on the local panel.
- Collection Unit Types, Supports Robot, Stacker or Manual collection station types.
  Robot Stations
Approximately 15 seconds collection speed, possibility of collection at up to 3 points.
   Single Stacker Stations
Possibility of collection at a single point, ME or Jumbo dimension. Cycle times vary according to plate types.
   Combo Stacker Stations
Have ME or Jumbo dimension collection specifications thanks to the two-part design.
   Manual Systems
Stacking of large plates is easily supported with Mechanical-Hydraulic lift at the manual stations.
The 'Cullet' procedure is done at the LOCAL control unit and the plate coming from collection is sent to the crusher.
Dispatch of to the last plate collected on the stack to the crusher. Cullet or reject procedures can be done over the LOCAL control unit. 
    Advanced Level Specifications
   Automatic Systems
Two types of information, breakdown information and plate crushing orders can be given from the local control panel.
  Line Control and Opti-Em Integration
Ability to see all collection procedures and package counts from remote computer screen. Communication of table situations to Opti-Em. It is ensured that the Crushed or Decreased plate counts are updated in the Opti-Em production channel.
- Line collection program is fully compatible with Line Control
- Programmability of different dimensions as per changing production demands
- Works integrated to X cutting optimization program Opti-Em: package information synchronization
- Capacity querying support for Opti-Em
- The mechanics and algorithm that should least occupy collection line
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