Hat Kontrolü

- There is a glass sensor and a speed-controlled motor exists as hardware.
- Conveyor length is determined in the design stage as per the production plan.
- Framed conveyors are used for stacking station plate positioning or side leg passages.
- Problems in the line program are avoided by putting into “virtual” mode in the case of breakdown of physical sensor.
- Ensuring that conveyors with crushers and especially the end-of-line crushers are operated beforehand only at the moment needed and automatically stopping unless needed, thus ensuring energy saving.
     Plate monitor
- Movement and positions of plates from X loading point to the collection stations are monitored according to the conveyor layout plan. Detailed information of plates monitored on the control screen can be seen when required.
- The plates are carried as a convoy with the “doubling by birth” method to meet small plate demands at high annealing speed.
- The target addresses of plates can be manually changed on the control screen. The crusher can also be chosen as the target address.
     Split plate control
- Possibility of collection of each split parts from different stacking stations.
- Support for carrying split plates as a convoy
- Advantage: High speed flexible production plans
     Control screen specifications
- Displayof all conveyors as per the layout plan, animation speeds on color basis
- Thickness, Gross width, encoder selection,
- Stacking station information display
- Manual controls related to conveyors, speed information
- Information display and command of auxiliary machines (powder, papering)
     Line speed adjustment
- The speed of the collection line can be changed manually at a certain interval.
- Intelligent line speed calculation program provides support to the operator by reflecting to the control screen the information of optimum line speed received from the X cutting optimization and line control system.
- Advantage: Energy saving and reduction of mechanical erosion in large plate production
     Crushing strategies
- There can be jams on the line due to various reasons, with the “advanced crushing” decision, the line control program automatically crushes one or two plates at the points where there is a jam and corrects the flow of the line.
- In systems where there is a crusher on the line, the plates before the jam are crushed with the “pre-crushing” technique.
     Frame control
Realizes the plate positioning procedure to the stacking stations.
 - Group Control
 - Backup control
Destination station can be defined as backups to each other. 
     Production report
- Net width median, maximum and minimum values, gross width value
- Edge snap-off losses
- Line speed
- Gross and net production area calculation
- Productivity
- Emergency cutting losses
- Emergency crusher opening/closing periods and reasons
- Collected plate according to error types
- Area calculation according to the collection stations error types
- Summary report of culleted plates together with the crushing reasons
     Cullet report
- Between two dates or on the basis of shifts
- Plate based crushing reasons
- Crushed plates area calculation on the basis of reasons Package report
- As per date interval or
- Package report using filters on the basis of Quality, Color, Thickness, Barcode
- Error totals report in split packages on error types basis
     Package report
- As per date interval or
- Package report using filters on the basis of Quality, Color, Thickness, Barcode
- Error totals report in split packages on error types basis
- Flexible line control
- Optimum plate control at high annealing lehr speeds
- Energy saving possibility thanks to the optimum line speed calculator
- Easy integration to machines to be added later 
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