Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are developed in order to find solutions to security, emission and traffic density problems in the transportation sector, and have been used frequently throughout the world, especially in the USA and European countries. In line with the user needs and infrastructure conditions, an intelligent system is developed in highway and tunnel projects by making use of the latest technology and communication channels.

During the project process, Elmak helps customers in design, planning and implementation. Using the experience in the industry, Elmak can transform the reactive structure into proactive with the help of artificial intelligence even in complex systems and move the existing or under construction structure to the smart platform.

Elmak, working with both state institutions and private institutions or universities in order to offer the right solution, follows technological innovations and researches. As a result, Elmak emphasizes the importance of the environment and human factors, thus providing the most sustainable and efficient solution to the customers. A single technological solution is not enough to make wireless network configurations, surveillance cameras, and associated road lighting in infrastructure systems being developed in many cities. At this point, Elmak analyzes both hardware and software based solutions under a single systematic.

The solutions offered within the scope of Intelligent Transportation Systems can be seen below;

  • Vehicle Counting and Classification
  • Traffic Modeling and Estimation
  • Active Traffic Management Systems
  • Adaptive Signal Control
  • Road Condition Observation
  • Weather Observation
  • AID Integration
  • GIS Integration
  • Park Management and Guidance Systems
  • Digital Message Systems (VMS/VTS)
  • Public Transport Information Systems
  • Transition Payment Systems