Road tunnels electromechanical, energy and traffic management systems are controlled by the SCADA system. In order to create a management that complies with international standards, apart from the basic features, the system must include extra additional functions. These features can be met by the professional approach of the practitioner, apart from the appropriate software and hardware infrastructure. Elmak creates the most stable structure by including these functions below in the system design.

  • To reach the right information as soon as possible in urgent situations,
  • The automatic activation of emergency scenarios determined independently by the user,
  • New messages can be prepared by the operator other than automatic messages to traffic signs
  • Alarm management,
  • The system can support telemetry and industrial type protocols together (KNX, IEC, Modbus, Modbus TCP, NTCIP),
  • GIS information can be viewed via SCADA for tunnels located geographically dispersed regions,
  • The camera system can be automatically opened via SCADA in case of an emergency,
  • The operator directions are descriptive and sufficient in the system.