The demand of water is rising significantly owing to industrial development and rapid increase in the population all around the world. To meet rising demand for water, purification of water from several sources and to monitor through the process of making wastewater usable as well as monitoring momentary changes and controlling the system from remote access is becoming more important each day.

UTM Automation provides solutions such as preperation of proper PLC/RTU and SCADA software for wastewater, clean water and sea water purification facilities, controlling pumps with written logic in according to desired work hours, storing received data into SCADA system for examination of the current and past process data, sending e-mail or GSM SMS online if any fault occurs or desired conditions are met.


Our company provides services written below about water automation:

  • Planning of the system that will be established
  • Parametrization of PLC/RTU and SCADA systems
  • FAT tests for PLC/RTU and SCADA systems and commissioning of the said system
  • Preperation, test and presentation of all kind of software required by the customer