Elmak has been operating in this sector for nearly 20 years, and can establish systems with the fast and advanced functions and the best user interface that pays attention to safety criteria with our experience in the MDF / Fibreboard sector.

With Siemens, CFC, AS / OS Engineering Tool and our own special equipment blocks, projects are created that are suitable for the industry and that we can adapt according to customer habits.

The units that we mainly work in this sector are;

Wood field – Mill – Silos – Sieves – Glue Factory – Dryer – Laying – Press – Sanding – Hydraulic Units and Sizing Units.

Another issue that is important for us here is that all the systems in the process from raw material input to finished product output have been commissioned by us many times and the software is made by teams who know the process.

Our project approach in the wood industry continues actively on a customer basis. In this process, which does not tolerate downtime, planned maintenance, operator training and operational demands constitute an important issue.

One of the most important methods for acquiring quality parameters in increasing competitive conditions for manufacturers is to establish a flexible automation system. At this point, the customers we work with can benefit from some important advantages such as capturing speed loops, debugging, receiving flexible and customized regular reports, and seeing more information via SCADA.