Industrial Cyber Security

Technological developments such as industry 4.0 and artifical intelligence lead the way for increment of exposed operational risks. Since last 6 years, business and supply chain interruptions have been ranked first within global risk grading which cyber security has ranked second with a big break in 2018. With the development in industry, number of cyber attacks has increased and caused not only financial damage, but also decrease in brand value and brand trust. As a result of these threats, cyber security solutions has extended its scope from IT to OT and has begun to provide more effective solutions for industrial operations.

Scope of KICS protection includes DCS, PLC, RTU, IED, SCADA, HMI, operator work stations while checking the communication between employee, network and machine against possible threats. During this process, KICS does not slow down any operation and protects the continuity & availability. KICS, collaborating with biggest brands such as ABB, GE, Emerson, SAP, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Industrial Internet Consortium; is able to read/detect threath within IEC, DNP3, OPC UA, Modbus TCP and many other protocols. KICS, composed of KICS for Nodes and KICS for Networks, provides you with the most effective solution in every aspect of possible cyber security threats.

  • Application White Listing
  • Device Control
  • Host Based Firewall
  • WI-FI Network Control
  • PLC Integrity Check
  • File Integrity Monitor
  • Advanced Anti-Malware Protection

KICS for Nodes

  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Deep Package Inspection (DPI)
  • Non-Intrusive Industrial Network Traffic Inspection
  • Machine Learning
  • Asset Management
  • Forensic Tools

KICS for Networks

Kaspersky Industrial Cyber Security