Elmak, the company has completed most projects in this field in Turkey, develops the system architectures in the projects it works with, by taking advantage of the experience gained from technology and operating companies. Having the chance to interface with all brands during reference projects, Elmak can even offer project-based consultancy services to companies with its experience in the metro sector.

Elmak handles the system from the electromechanical design stage to the training plan, and offers the best system architecture to the customers in this process. Metro projects that contain all three processes the Environmental Control Systems (ECS), Power Management System (PMS) and Electromechanical Systems (EMS), differ from standard automation projects and require expert knowledge that can bring special solutions. Metro projects; is multi-disciplinary projects that includes building management, industrial system and energy automation. In this complex system that requires approaches from different disciplines, all data is collected on a single system and created by a large SCADA center and alarm system.

Energy management is a system that ensures the power of the train without interruption in the energy infrastructure, where topological coloring works at 100% stability and international telemetry (IEC) protocols are used.

Availability and safety are very important in environmental control systems where fire scenarios are managed and all ventilation equipment is controlled. In this context, equipment placements, scenario management and alarm management on SCADA are performed by Elmak. With the correct setup of the communication infrastructure and interface management, the SCADA system works fast. In a 20-station project, there are approximately 300 ECS system SCADA screens on average, so the importance of interface visualizations is very important in creating a comfortable working environment for the user. In these projects where the data obtained from the equipment is intense, usage is facilitated by giving detailed equipment information to the SCADA faceplates. According to customer feedback, the library prepared by Elmak is constantly being developed. In such projects, Elmak can speed up the process by making use of the equipment library.

System features and requirements may vary according to customer habits globally. With its expert staff, Elmak can perform the system architecture formation in the most appropriate way under the necessary conditions. The software infrastructures selected and implemented are determined to be the most accurate licenses for application and development for the relevant processes. In addition, safety system design that is critical for the use of fire equipment in processes can be provided by experienced staff. These processes are managed by engineers who have safety certificates.

Having 25 years of experience in communication protocols and technologies with all equipment, Elmak provides operational convenience by offering the best architectural creation experience with a user-friendly interface with 3D screen visualizations. In order to keep the safety and duty levels at the highest level on a project basis, Elmak performs the calculations in-house, provides the data obtained to the maintenance teams and delivers the project.