Trams are mostly preferred in urban transportation due to the low infrastructure costs, and in tram projects electromechanical system density is less than the metro lines. Elmak has completed the SCADA system of all tram lines of Istanbul, Gaziantep, Izmir, Kocaeli, Eskisehir. In the energy management SCADA system, much attention is paid to and uses the topological coloring system. In addition, criteria such as having equipment suitable for rail systems, providing telemetry protocols and ease of maintenance for operation are also important in tram projects.

In tram projects, it is necessary to select field devices for flexible programming in order to provide seamless integration with sub-systems. Being expert on project management, Elmak can optimize the commissioning time in the project with advanced testing procedures. In addition, systems that are closed box software that can not be configured by the managament itself, not efectively working topological coloring, and architectures without time sensitivity pose great difficulty for tram managements. For this reason, systems with open architecture, suitable for expansion, and has IEC infrastructure should be established in tram projects, and energy management should be very active.