Automation and SCADA System Design

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are used today by many facilities and organizations for system monitoring, problem determination and remote facility control. In this way, the facilities integrate a safer, more efficient and more sustainable infrastructure into their systems. In automation systems where PLC and SCADA …

Automation and SCADA Software Development

In order for your SCADA / Control project to operate at the desired efficiency, the communication of the system elements must be flawlessly constructed and software supported. PLC, RTU, SCADA and all the devices install software to be ready at the commissioning stage with high resolution is possible with …

Safety Risk Analysis and Consultancy

RAMS analysis focuses on the usability and security performance of the systems. By applying effective calculation techniques, choosing the right system architecture and choosing the right product, we make conscious decisions about safety, risk, efficiency, repair and maintenance, both during the construction phase and operation phase of the project …

Maintenance Management Software

In case of a lack of regular planning, the downtime costs of the enterprises mostly invested in the machinery, equipment and buildings can be higher than maintenance costs of it. For these investments to turn into sustainable operating assets and its efficiency, preventions that increase the efficiency of the production process and reduce costs are required …

Panel Manufacture

Elmak aiming the facilities and the businesses to work more efficiently, safely and steadily in strengthened its automation and SCADA support with its panel production line. The plant, which produces Motor Control Panels (MCC), Power Distribution Panels (MDP, PCC, PFC) and PLC Panels, has a total production area of 1650 m², with a closed area of 1250 m² and an open area of 400 …

Training and After Sales Support

Elmak aims to accelerate the operation in possible failure tracking while ensuring a more sustainable system infrastructure by integrating the correct architectural selection into the system with the correct assembly. With its turnkey project approach, Elmak makes its own equipment connections as field and equipment sides. With the good installation application and …