Automation and SCADA Software Development

In order for your SCADA / Control project to operate at the desired efficiency, the communication of the system elements must be flawlessly constructed and software supported. PLC, RTU, SCADA and all the devices install software to be ready at the commissioning stage with high resolution is possible with correct software architecture and sufficient preliminary tests. Creating software architecture according to the needs of the process largely prevents material / moral losses.

Getting to know the system well at the programming stage makes it easier for processes to run faster on a software basis and is the biggest factor to maximize efficiency on an operational basis. At this point, Elmak Control Systems serve its customers in this direction with its 25 years of experience and qualified references in different sectors.

Our software team works in two departments as development and application. Our internal libraries are used in order to ensure standards and prevent differences on the basis of individuals during the development phase. In order to minimize the errors that may occur in the process, the software tests are carried out regularly by our field team and a 90% + stable system software is provided to the customer.

Before the software tests are put into use, live field data is created in our simulation system and one-to-one field environment is revived and performed according to the size of the process. In projects with high number of equipment, simulation is also carried out with the participation of customers. The first operator trainings are also given over this simulation system.

The software development team also works by setting up different organizations according to the safety level of the process. Internal audits vary according to the safety level of the process.