SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are used today by many facilities and organizations for system monitoring, problem determination and remote facility control. In this way, the facilities integrate a safer, more efficient and more sustainable infrastructure into their systems. In automation systems where PLC and SCADA applications are included, it is of vital importance to create an optimum system architecture and to choose the most accurate system elements in this direction in order to achieve the specified results.

With its 25 years of experience, Elmak Control Systems creates the system design by offering the most optimal solution based on budget and efficiency to its customers by working in different processes in many different sectors. The main focus of the engineers working in Elmak is to create a system design with optimum costs which meets with the business productivity and quality requirements by considering the priorities of all brands and all subsystems in the formation of the system architecture. A correctly designed system before going to the construction stage creates great advantages for both the applicator and the end user.

A specification built with the correct architecture, the communication infrastructure has been determined at the design stage, the programming conditions are linked to international standards, and the project works at high resolution when it reaches the final stage.

We serve with our experienced design team at all pre-production stages such as determining the level of availibility of the system, creating its design, writing the specifications.