Elmak aiming the facilities and the businesses to work more efficiently, safely and steadily in strengthened its automation and SCADA support with its panel production line. The plant, which produces Motor Control Panels (MCC), Power Distribution Panels (MDP, PCC, PFC) and PLC Panels, has a total production area of 1650 m², with a closed area of 1250 m² and an open area of 400 m², and an annual capacity of 1000 panels. Within the scope of low voltage power distribution systems; Elmak also provides project design, field supervision and PLC / SCADA / DCS field tests to customers.

Motor control panels are the panels that support systems that can be controlled remotely or soon, in all areas where systems that gain functionality with the motion of motor power are used, especially in industrial systems. In the process from project design to final control, MCC panels can give the best performance in case of choosing the right starter, correct protection and control equipment. Compared to other panel structures, in this type of systems that require more engineering, the complete solutions offered by Elmak with its experience and knowledge help to fulfill important criteria such as operational safety and investment efficiency on the customer side.

The production capacity up to 6300A in power distribution panels and up to 5000A in type-tested panel systems, strong body structure in distribution and transfer panels, provides strong support for short circuit and switch maneuvers. Panels are designed by taking into consideration the dynamic forces created by opening and closing maneuvers of high cutting capacity breakers. Electrolytic copper bars suitable for total power and short circuit currents are selected in the electro assembly and supported at intervals in accordance with IEC 61439 standards.

PLC and control products, which are shaped according to the process requirement and selected according to the point list, are designed in Elcad and E-plan environment according to the system flow chart and PLC panels suitable for the installation are manufactured.