Elmak aims to accelerate the operation in possible failure tracking while ensuring a more sustainable system infrastructure by integrating the correct architectural selection into the system with the correct assembly. With its turnkey project approach, Elmak makes its own equipment connections as field and equipment sides. With the good installation application and wiring operation, system commissioning time is also shortened.

In order for the established system to function efficiently, the training process must be carefully designed. Trying to implement a standard training plan in every customer and every project results in a lack of system-based operational knowledge. For this reason, Elmak designs the training process in accordance with the project features and business organization chart. Trainings for end users are provided by application developers and operational information is provided. Although the training process has ended positively, operational support is provided by Elmak in processes that cannot be resolved during the operation.

Elmak employees trying to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with after-sales support, recommend long-term maintenance agreements in order to ensure stable operation of the system. In addition to periodic visits, maintenance practices also provide immediate intervention for emergencies. Depending on the criticality of the emergency, on-site or remote support can be provided.