With the increasing need for energy, efficiency and continuity have become important issues in energy production and distribution. Electricity, Water and Gas distribution networks have become more complicated and fast response to faults has become more and more important and difficult to ensure continuity. This problem caused by the lack of energy management is solved with full-scale energy automation. Energy automation provides monitoring and management of energy data.

For this purpose, for Distribution Networks and Production Facilities we design and install;

  • Telecontrol (RTU) Systems
  • SCADA Systems.

We can establish these projects with our own software, as well as softwares from the vendors. We give our own guarantee to all software and equipment we use in our solution.

RTU / Telemetry Systems are installed with GPRS, wireless, fiber optic or telephone. RTUs distributed in the field are connected to the SCADA system by radio, fiber optic or telephone communication.

We carry out energy and SCADA projects with correct protocols and systems in accordance with international standards.